So I was reading twitter and I came across “NomadicMatt’s guide to saving for a trip” and instantly became annoyed with some vomit in my mouth. Typically he has a decent site but this topic has been done to death by every travel blogger who lacks something original to say and what’s even funnier is people who are “travel bloggers” but they haven’t even left yet, wtf is that?

Anyways all these guides are basically written for people that are total and complete idiots when it comes to money. People who think these guides are “great” need a slap up side the face and I don’t need to look at their bank statements because I already know they are broke.

This guide is for people who make moves, have cash and use it properly. This guide will not talk about savings accounts, anyone knows that leaving money in a savings account is about as brilliant as letting Pee Wee Herman babysit your kids. People talk about cutting the coffee, eating in, selling your car. Do you really NEED to be told this people? I guess so as most Americans have a networth of oh I dunno -70,000$!? haha what a joke you people are.

So, if you haven’t already hung yourself financially and want some solid tips on how to travel for a very long time, listen up. I will note I hate writing these updates but it has to be said.

1) Stop identifiying hyours

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