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9 Interesting Facts About 80% Lower Receivers

80% of Lower receivers or “unfinished receivers,” also known as “blanks,” are receivers that are not completely drilled and hence cannot be considered firearms. No serial numbers or legal documentation is required for these receivers; instead, the buyer has to perform the necessary work to bring the receiver into function. An unlicensed person is not allowed to sell 100% finished receivers as it is against US law. However, if you’re looking for an authorized gun seller for buying unfinished firearms, you can visit www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers/ to learn more about 80 lowers.

As 80% of receivers are not considered a firearm and purchasers are not liable to pass the background check, the resulting firearm is sometimes referred to as a “ghost gun.” AR-15 Lower, Billet LR-308, and Polymer80 AR-15 are some of the commonly used receivers. Below are some of the interesting facts about 80% lower receivers that may be informative for gun lovers interested in assembling their own guns:


9 interesting facts that you should know

  1. The term 80% is not something that ATF has endorsed; instead, it is just industry slang. These receivers are considered 80% ready, and much of the work is already done. Purchasers only need to do a few drills and cuts that count around the remaining 20%, and once this is done, it can be considered functional and will be called a firearm.
  2. Despite being 80% complete, these are not considered firearms, so no legal responsibilities are to be fulfilled for purchase. This relaxation can help you avoid getting into the process of lengthy legal documentation.
  3. Federal law state you don’t need a serial number for your 80% lower if you have it for personal use.
  4. You don’t need to go through FFL to process your transaction of buying an 80% lower.
  5. Federal law doesn’t require a background check in case you are interested in buying a receiver blank. As the purchase is made via FFL, filling up and submitting the 4473 form isn’t necessary.
  6. People opt to build their firearms as these are not traceable in the system. Some people relate this to political issues and prefer owning a firearm that the government has no record of.
  7. Although you need tools like drills, jigs, etc., to get the job done, purchasing an 80% lower receiver is often cheaper than a complete firearm. This is because by doing so, you do not have to pay the gun dealer’s overhead costs and extra tax deductions associated with the purchase.
  8. One of the reasons to get a kit is the creativity and innovation that comes with it. Even decade-old rifles can be enhanced in design with the help of 80% lower receivers. In addition, you can customize it with a new receiver and an old slide to give it an altogether vintage look.
  9. Since they do not fall in the category of firearms, you can buy and ship more than regular products without worrying about rules and regulations much.

80% lower receivers have made it easy to build a gun for yourself. It is easy, legal, hassle-free, and above all, it gives you the final product of your desire. The satisfaction you will get after building your firearm from a piece of mostly aluminum is incredible.

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