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8 Tips to Make Your Garden Dog-Friendly


How do I make my garden dog-friendly? This is a question that many pet owners who are also garden lovers ponder.

Fortunately, it’s easy to enjoy growing the most beautiful garden while keeping it safe for your pets. We have curated a list of eight simple and practical tips to make your garden dog-friendly and a place where your four-legged friends can relax.

Plants Should Be Safe For Dogs

An important first thought to consider when owning a dog is purchasing affordable pet insurance. Bivvy is a new breed of pet insurance that gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is financially protected against unexpected medical bills. The first step to creating a dog-friendly garden is by purchasing dog friendly plants. Some plants can be extremely toxic and unsafe for your pets, and ingesting them can lead to serious health problems for your dog.

Some beautiful plant options that are safe for dogs and are easy to take care of are Calathea Orbifolia, Staghorn fern, Peperomia green, Ponytail Palm, and Bamboo palm, to name a few.

Dogs are curious creatures, and they love to smell, chew, and bite on anything they come across. So before you let your dogs out to run around in your garden, make sure to get rid of any plants like daffodils, aloe vera, ivy plants, and make it a safe space.

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Choose Sturdy Border Plants And Barriers

Look for sturdy border plants that can protect your home and remain strong despite your dog’s aggressive biting and digging. Sturdy rose shrubs and plants like astilbe are excellent choices for growing around the borders of your garden.

One important benefit of creating a border is that it makes your garden look aesthetically pleasing and neat. Your dogs can remain within a confined space, and you do not have to worry about them jumping your fence and getting into trouble.

Make sure the base of the border plants and barriers are secure so that your dogs can’t dig under them. A six-foot barrier is recommended for medium-sized dogs who have the tendency to jump.

Create A Dipping Pool For Your Puppy

Some dog breeds love to swim. Irish water spaniels, labradoodles, and English setters are born swimmers. And another answer to the question How do I make my garden dog friendly?You can do it by installing a dipping pool.

If your dog loves swimming and splashing around, a pool will make for an exciting addition to your garden. Chlorine water is perfectly safe for dogs to swim in, but make sure they don’t outright drink it in large amounts. Give your dog a quick rinse once they get out of the pool and towel them down thoroughly to prevent infections.

Include Shady Spaces

Including multiple shady areas all around your garden can be beneficial for your plants as well as your dogs.

There are plenty of plants that require very little sunlight to grow well. These shaded spaces can be where your plants and your pets can happily coexist when the sun is high in the sky. And best of all, these areas will need little to no maintenance!

Use Comfortable Materials

Can I have a garden with a dog? You most definitely can if you use safe and comfortable materials for landscaping. But because most dogs love nothing more than digging up dirt, the best option would be to install a permeable hardscape.

Is a gravel garden OK for dogs?It is, as long as you use soft pea gravel that will not hurt your dog’s feet. You can also use smooth river rocks and flagstone to add much-needed texture to your garden.

It is important to consider these important details as you design a garden space that your dog can enjoy. If your garden’s grass does not suit your pet, and you wonder what can I use instead of grass for my dog? A stone or a gravel path is exactly what you need. And, if you want to keep your stuff away from your dog, you can try jarred packaged goods, which could be available in a bottle.

Go For Raised Beds And Container Gardening

If you’re wondering, how do I dog proof my vegetable garden? This is the most practical answer.

Container gardening and raised beds will help you create more structure for your outdoor space. They will add dimension to your garden, and because they are so small, they can be easy to manage and maintain.

When you place plants in containers, you can preserve all their nutrients, grow them in optimum conditions. Because the soil in raised beds stays warm, germination happens more quickly, and your plants get a good environment to grow in.

Raised beds are the best choice for plant enthusiasts who have pets. These closed structures will keep your plants safe and out of reach of your dog.

Designate A Play Area For Your Dog

Designate a specific area in your garden where you can play with your furry friends. Whether you want to play a game of fetch, encourage them to exercise, create an agility course, or play hide and seek, it’s best to dedicate a specific space where you can do so safely.

Make sure to keep all your expensive and delicate plants away from this play area.

Set Up Sturdy Fences

If your dog tends to bark at strangers, or there’s a risk of them running away, it’s best to put up a sturdy fence around your garden. Wooden fences are tough to pass through, difficult to dig from the base, and aesthetically pleasing.

A wooden fence will also keep the wind, thus protecting your plants from extreme weather conditions. Make sure the fence is tall enough to dissuade your dog from jumping across it. Even you can go for Top invisible fence for dogs which are currently available in the market.

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Final Thoughts

Your house belongs to your dogs as much as it belongs to you. So if you have a garden adjoining your home, your dogs should have full rights to bask in its glory.

We hope that your concerns like,How do I stop my dog from destroying my garden? What are the safest ways to create a dog-friendly garden? How do I make my garden dog-friendly? etc., were all addressed in this article.

With these tips in mind, it is time you get your gardening tools out and get to creating a safe and happy garden for your furry friends!

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