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5 Tips That Help You Find Your Perfect Vaporizer

Buying your first vape can be a stressful process. The vaping world is constantly growing, and new types of devices, parts, juices, and add-ons are coming out every year. In other words, things can get a bit overwhelming for beginners.

Even if you don’t keep up with the latest news for a year, you will have some catching up. Don’t worry–you don’t have to know all the terminology to buy something decent you can use for a long time. However, to choose an excellent product, you only need to understand some fundamentals about vaporizers. In this article, we will share some vital tips you can use first-hand when shopping for a vape. 


1.      Determine The Vape Type

There are lots of vape types out there. They can either be portable or desktop units. You should know that there’s no “best option” as all of them have strengths and weaknesses. It’s about figuring out your needs and choosing the type that suits you best. 

·         Vape pens

Vape pens are small and portable vapes you can take anywhere with you. They look like pens, as the name suggests, and come pre-charged. Besides this, such a vape pen allows users to use it right out of the box. No need to assemble it, charge it, add juice, or prepare it.

Each pen comes with a specific flavor, potency, throat hit intensity, and use time. You can even find a THC vape pen if you’re into marijuana products, or you can also find nicotine-free options on the market. Remember that they’re disposable; you can throw them away after spending all the juice. 

·         Vape Mods

Vape mods have many personalization options and can bring much power. These devices have many parts you can tweak or change to get the desired experience. Vape mods can produce the largest clouds, and you can fill them with preferred juices.

People with more experience usually use mods, and we recommend avoiding them until you’ve learned more about how they work. Vape mods also have many sub-categories with different characteristics. 

·         Vape Pods

These vape devices store juice in removable pods, and it’s easy to switch to different liquids. They are great for beginners who want to do a bit of customization on their own and try out different types of juices.

·         Cig-a-Like Vapes

Cig-a-like vapes are also entry-level devices that look like cigarettes. These devices usually have no buttons and look like cigarettes. They are also disposable and require no pre-knowledge to use. Most of them even have LED lights that mimic cigarette ash when drawing. 

2.      Set Your Budget 

The vaping industry has grown so much, and you can find premium models that can be very expensive. However, you must determine your budget immediately, or you’ll get lost in the woods and spend a lot of money for no reason.

Yes, if you want better products, you will have to pay more. However, getting a highly customized vape mod with different parts won’t do you any good since you won’t know how to use it to its fullest potential.

Some of the cheapest disposable options are usually around $20, but if you want to find a quality middle-range vaporizer, expect to pay somewhere from $80 to $200. Everything above that is overkill for a beginner. 

3.      Look For Reliable Brands

There are thousands of vape products out there. Beginners usually can’t tell them apart and do not know what to look for in a vape kit. That’s why it’s best to find reliable vendors and stick to their products.

There are even a lot of fake vaporizers available on the market that won’t deliver the desired experience. It’s recommended to buy new devices and order them from official stores or visit your local vape shop. If possible, look for vendors that offer guarantees and can give guidance on how to use and maintain your device. 

4.      Consider The Power Source

Vaporizers can be powered by batteries or through electrical sockets. In other words, you can get a better portable option or a desktop one that requires you to have a power source nearby.

Think about how you plan on using your vape: do you want to be mobile and use it on the go or sit down at home and enjoy some large clouds? Keep in mind that battery-powered options require you to switch batteries occasionally. 

5.      Think About Maintenance

The more complex your vape device is, the more maintenance it requires. For example, vape mods have a lot of parts like coils, batteries, tanks, atomizers, housing parts, etc.

Since these devices last long, some parts can get worn and torn, meaning you will have to replace them. On the other hand, cleaning them requires you to tear apart the whole mod and clean each part with care to ensure longevity and flavor. 


With just these five tips, you’ll be able to buy a solid vape device that will help you learn more about vaping and have the right experience. Take the time to try out different flavors and learn more about what you like in terms of vapor amount, potency, throat hit, THC options, CBD liquids, and nicotine-free variations.

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