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4 Cool And Unusual Things To Do In Tasmania

A small island with four seasons. That’s how Tasmania is described. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway in Australia for the whole year round because whatever the season is, it offers incredible activities that both locals and tourists can enjoy. This place offers a relaxed island lifestyle with its beautiful landscapes, mouthwatering local delicacies, and friendly people.

Tasmania is known as the smallest state that still has 40% reserved national parks and heritage wilderness. It may be perceived as one of the most beautiful states with the tourist destinations that you can go to, but it’s still one of the least explored regions still in its pristine condition. Wondering what cool and unusual things to do in Tasmania? Here are some of the unique places that are worth visiting.

Run Through the Brides Towe Lavender Farm

Located in the North of Tasmania, this colourful 130-acre farm is known as the largest producer of French lavender aromatic herb that blooms at the beginning of the year until late February. It has a bed of purple hue with over 650,000 plants that make it one of the cool spots in Tasmania. If you join the guided tour, guides will educate you about the history and some interesting facts about the lavender farm. 

The Brides Towe Lavender Farm homes over 500,000 honey bees that help in lavender flower pollination to produce the best tasting honey. You can bring home local products such as lavender oil, dried flowers, honey, and some delicacies like ice cream, jams, and jellies that are all made from lavender and honey.

Be Amazed by the Freycinet National Park

The Freycinet National Park is the oldest national park in Tasmania. It’s best known for its pink granite peaks, white sand beaches, and the abundance of wildlife. You’ll not only enjoy the scenic views. If you’re into adventure, you get to enjoy different kinds of activities such as swimming, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and bird watching. 

If you’re on a budget, planning your travel itinerary in Freycinet National Park is all worth it because you don’t have to spend much with the countless adventures that you can explore in the area. For you to fully enjoy your stay, you may need to spend two to three days to have a chance to try out the breathtaking activities. Your visit to Freycinet National Park wouldn’t be complete without hiking Mount Amos—whether at dawn or dusk— because this is where you’ll see a spectacular view of the wineglass bay. 

Explore Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Beach glamping is common in Tasmania. If you want to try out new adventures, head to Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs situated in the far south of Huon Valley. The caves in Tasmania are dolomite caves which are believed to have been formed million years ago. Today, you get to have a sight of stalactites, stalagmites, straws, columns, and shawls.

On the other hand, the 28-degree thermal spring may not be the hottest spring in Australia, but it gives off a relaxing and purifying feeling, especially when you take a dip in the evening. The whole area is surrounded by essential facilities such as a barbecue area, change rooms, and toilets. Aside from experiencing cave and water adventures, tourists may enjoy the breathing ecosystem complete with wildlife and birds from the surrounding forest.

Go Aurora Chasing

Most of the tourists who plan to go to Tasmania wish to have a sight of the Aurora Australis. The Southern Lights can be seen all over the island. This unusual light show lights up the sky in orange, red, green, and pink hues.  However, this phenomenon is hard to predict, so when you see this spectacular light show during your visit, consider yourself the luckiest.

The shorter days and longer nights in winter—May to August—give a higher chance that you’ll have a glimpse of it. The best places in Tasmania where you can go Aurora hunting includes Cockle Creek, Rosny Hill, Dodges Ferry, Howden, and South Arm Peninsula. These are the favorite spots for avid Aurora hunters because there are only a few artificial light sources in these places, so the vibrant colours in the sky can be seen clearly. 

Final Thoughts

Compared with other tourist destinations in Australia, Tasmania may be the one that has the richest history. It’s one of the places that deserve to have a spot on your bucket list. Tasmania is a remote destination perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful time away from the city.

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