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    Planting Roots in the Caribbean

    Greetings, Wow, I’ve been slow at updating here, yes? Just to give you an idea I’m busy from 6:30am until roughly 4pm most days and I’m staying at a...


    Proud to Call Nicaragua My Home

    Greetings from Managua, I spent the day shopping like a maniac in this massive capital city of Nicaragua called Managua. My house is moving along at silly speeds and...


    Flying This Spring Break? Follow These Security Screening Tips!

    It’s that time of year again when Spring Break hits and the airports swell with activity. During this period there will be increased lines at most security checkpoints due to...


    Building a House in the Caribbean

    Greetings, This post should really be called building my home in the Caribbean as this isn’t just some house but my home… It’s been over five years since I’ve...


    Fantastic First Day in Manhattan

    Greetings, Apologies for not writing this in real-time but I was having a really good time and as a result, had to prioritize. Do you see what I did...


    Manhattan is Most Amazing

    Good day, I arrived in Manhattan last night and it seems like everything In need is around the corner? I’m in the heart of mid-town supposedly and to say...