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    Back in Budva & Flying to Belgrade

    Greetings from Budva, I’m back in Budva, Montenegro after a great time in Dubrovnik, Croatia with my mother. I can’t believe how fast two weeks have gone by, crazier...


    Dubrovnik Wine Tours in Konavle

    Greetings, The other day I had the pleasure of going on a winery tour outside Dubrovnik, Croatia with my mother.  As you know, Dubrovnik is in the very south...


    Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik, Srd Hill & Ice Cream

    Good day, Above is a video which should give you a glimpse of what it is like walking the walls Dubrovnik style. It’s a huge draw and lots of people...


    Dinner at Victoria Restaurant in Dubrovnik

    Good day, I met up with some of my friends from Adriatic Luxury Hotels yesterday for breakfast and it was great to catch-up. Since my mom is in town...


    Photos of Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Good day, I’ve been hanging out in Dubrovnik off and on now for the better part of two weeks; oh how time flies… I want to share with you...


    Taxi & Photos of Podgorica, Montenegro

    Good day, The other day I was off to the airport to pick my mother up in the capital of Montenegro called Podgorica. I took a taxi Podgorica Budva...