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    A Night in Miami, Florida

    Greetings, I’m writing this from a plane that’s quickly reaching it’s cruising altitude on the way to Europe. Last night I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday night...


    First Impression of Hamburg, Germany

    Greetings, The time is 6:45 am and I’m writing this from my room at the East Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. Yesterday was my first introduction to Hamburg and I...


    Off to Germany for STS Hamburg!

    Hello friends, I’m writing this from a friend’s house in the heart of Managua, Nicaragua. It’s the big capital city which is night and day from the quiet beaches...


    Little Corn Island Lumber Yard

    Morning, Let’s talk about the lumber yard on Little Corn Island. Since Little Corn isn’t that far from the mainland, most of the lumber comes in these small sailboats called...


    Comedy of Errors on Corn Islands

    Greetings, I hope you all enjoyed my April Fools joke and the more I think about it, the more fun a free yoga retreat would really be. Sure there...


    I’m Quitting Blogging – This is Goodbye

    Hello everyone, Apologies for the slow blogging lately but it’s because I have something to tell you… Lately I’ve started building and it’s got me thinking about what’s important...