High on Life in Stoned Town


Ignore the title, simply could not help myself. I am in a small square room with blue walls and a white ceiling, one simple bulb as light and a creaky fan. I love this room and it is $12 a night, found it at random. Oh yeah, appropriate name, lots of stone in this fascinating town.

Besides being a bit noisy, quite nice. Nothing like retiring into a $12 room after a $60 massage, priorities. There will always be distinguished gentlemen driving fine German or Japanese automobiles to private gold courses with holes in their socks. Similarly, always be dudes at night clubs in fancy pants discussing their overdraft limit with a bank teller while farmers in dirty white t-shirts wait to deposit half a mil, it’s treu and tres terd(sic).

Stone Town is Lisbon on crack meets Hoi An, for real. No rythme or reason to the street layout, easy to get lost in this legendary labyrinth. Like Hoi An in the whole old school UNESCO type way. Hoi An, a fav city of mine until the “incident” a week after I got out of the hospital from a most untimely and tiresome head injury.

Turns out the Portuguese made the city, wow it all makes sense. A gent I enjoyed a sugar cane with filled me in. Love going out for mid evening drinks. Not sure which I prefer, cold beer or cold juice, who are we kidding!?! Juice, unless attractive women who live getting jiggy with their jugs of beer are getting low on da dance flooh.

Turns out my place is right on corner of the night scene Aja sugar cane, small peices of squid and octopus and let us not forget Omelets, BBQ chicken, watermelon slices and other such things of similarily awesome in the book of Shabl nature.

Quite like it here, met a nice lady from S. Korea on the street and we enjoyed a ridonkulously delicious fruit cocktail. Perhaps tomorrow we shall enjoy another. How I almost forgot, shame on me!?! This place sells the best fruit cocktail that you eat from a cup with a spoon for $0.50.

Glad to be out if Dar.

Fixed website, woopra aka the beta was cool was freezing and paypal button not showing, shame on me for waiting a week, I could have parades around the streets to jack a$$ party boy music handing out 10,000tsh notes, or just kept it as I usually do.

It’s 10pm, well past a civilized ” I get up at 6 am” bed time. Weird how in Africa I drink egregious quantities of juice and wake at 6am while in Asia and Europe drank egregious quantities of beer and vodka and went to bed at 6.

Believe time plays a role, most people who are not socially awkward or the type who won’t pollute body but gets hit by a bus usually go full for first year or so.

It’s natural like other things not needing a discussion right here, now or ever!?!

Tips hat,

P.S: tried uploading a great photo, won’t the connection here sucks but hey, atleast it is here.


  1. Adam Daigle

    March 3, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Waking up at 6am, ey? That’s not the Rob I know 🙂 Are there many backpackers there? Any idea for how long you’ll be stonin’? Peace.


  2. Rob

    March 3, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    More vacationer types. Africa has a weird backpack scene, nothing like SE Asia. Be here a while, how you doing? Philippines?

  3. Adam Daigle

    March 3, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    I figured there would be more of the vacationer types. Yes, still in the Philippines.

  4. Rob

    March 4, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Cool man, still need to make it there.

    Stay well!

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